Young Voices with Action, Inc. strives to further develop personal growth of all young people through spiritual fellowship, community service, civic engagement, and youth support services.  This service includes but is not limited to partnering and collaborating with community volunteers, business leaders, local schools, religious institutions, non profit organizations that offer youth services. 

Young Voices with Action, Inc.  desires to:

Help Members develop toward spiritual maturity, spiritual growth and discipleship.

Help enhance the leadership capablilities of all young people.

Provide instruction and guidance for young children and adults in service of economic, political and social empowerment.

Provide financial and moral support in community activism.

Help preprare and equip young people for employment by exposure to technical and mechanical job training.
  1. YVWA At Work
    YVWA, offers a variety of Programs and Services to Community Members and Youth. Take a look at our services, and contact us if you are in need.
  2. Meet The Team
    YVWA, takes pride in its diligent, passionate team members that work toward improving the well being of our communities!
  3. In the Community
    Check us out in the Community with Youth, and Community Members also find out how YOU can get involved!
YVWA at Work
Meet the Team
In the Community


Every 2nd Sunday​​​​

Every 2nd Thursday​​

Wellston Community Coalition  (WCC) Meeting
Normandy Schools Collaborative Board Meeting

Every 2nd & 4th Sunday​

Every 3rd Thursday​​

Outside These Walls Needy Outreach @ FTMBC
St. Louis Public Schools Board Meeting

Every 1st & 2nd Monday

Every 4th Thursday​​

Mentoring Group at St. Louis Justice Center
Wellston Forward  Development Corporation Meeting

Every 3rd Monday​​

Every 2nd Friday​​

St. Louis City Civilian Oversight Board Meeting
Young Voices with Action Management Review Meeting

Every 2nd & 4th Wednesday​​

Every 3rd Saturday​​

Youth Bible Study @ FTMBC
Community Clean Up/ Beautification

Every 1st & 3rd Wednesday​​

Every 4th Saturday​​

City of Wellston Council Meeting
Youth Arts & Crafts Day