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Young people help seniors and veterans clear out snowy driveways

ST. LOUIS — A group of young people spread out throughout north and midtown areas in St. Louis to help people clear out their driveways after a heavy snowfall plummeted through the region this week.

The Urban League’s Federation of Block Unit, on a mission to help residents in St. Louis improve their neighborhoods, partnered with Young Voices of Action group to clear the way for people to get out of their houses on Friday.

“How am I going to get out?” and “what are we going to do?” were the questions going through Kea Daniel Person’s head when she woke up to her lawn and car toppled with snow.

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“I saw the flyer on the social media and I said ok. Let’s support the young people today,” Daniel said.

Three crews helped veterans and seniors clear their driveways and walkways.

That effort put a smile in Daniel’s mother, Gladys’ face.

“The program is wonderful and the young people are wonderful. Especially for senior citizens like myself. I appreciate them and I appreciate the job they are doing,” said Gladys.

Urban League leaders made it clear the program is also about bridging a gap between the youth in our communities and seniors.

“There are young people within our communities that are stepping up to the plate to lead in areas where young people are not normally recognized in,” said Farrakhan Shegog, a block unit liaison.

“I want kids and the youth looking at us so when we get old and we grow up like seniors. They can help us out,” added Cavion Brandon, a volunteer.

The Federation of Block Units encourages anyone to become a block captain on their streets to be a voice for their neighborhoods by signing up online.   

More young people can get involved with similar initiatives by visiting the Young Voices of Action website.

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