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My name is Hasheem Brandon. I am a youth of Young Voices with Action. I am in the seventh grade in Saint Louis Public Schools. I love to play football and video games. I also like to read and write in my free time. My favorite sport is football. When I get older, I wish to be a train engineer. As I work my way toward my career path, I would like to land a job as a freight train operator. I love Young Voices with Action because we learn how to be good and productive young people. Also we learn about our history and why it is our duty to help others.



My name is Keory Hurst. I am 14 years old and am in the 8th grade. When I get older, I wish to find a career in the medical field. When I am free, I like to cheer, dance, and work on my math as well. I really love the work of Young Voices with Action and am glad to be part of this group is because we work in the community. With Young Voices with Action, we try to make the community a better place. Some of the neighborhoods we work in, they are dangerous, and we seek to make it safer for other 14 year old like myself.



Ka’Lia Hurst is Student of the Month for June in the Parkway School District. Unlike other students who we’ve profiled on this blog in the past, Ka’Lia is a high school freshmen. She had the vision to take a college-level course at school. She even arranged to have the credits she earned transferred to the college of her choice. No doubt about it, Ka’Lia is a unique young woman. And she is notable for other reasons too. She is a proud big sister of three little sisters and one little brother. She likes to help her mom around the house and tutors her younger siblings with their school work. And she is already starting to make plans for graduate school.



I am a proud member of Young Voices with Action. I love working with Young Voices with Action to help make the community a better place to live for me. When I graduate high school, I plan on laying football for a major league football team and save enough money to buy one of my own. My main goal is to obtain an education and keep my family happy.

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A young entrepreneur and intelligent lady who spends her days running Royal Kid Kingdom and representing her dance team Royal Rumblers. She has extended her vision of working with the young people of our community by joining forces with Young Voices with Action in late 2018. Ms. Williams education major in medical assistant and she completed her degree program in 2013 from Anthem College. She went on to work at SluCare of St. Louis, Mo as a medical care coordinator until 2018. Then is when she took initiative in following her heart’s desire and opening a the Royal Rumblers and Royal Kid Kingdom. Her journey is just at the beginning stages, but her passion is at full capacity.


Curtis O’Dwyer is a 7th grade science teacher at Nipher Middle School in Kirkwood. He holds a Master’s in the Arts of Teaching from Washington University in St. Louis and bachelor’s degree in biology from Roosevelt University. His professional interest includes STEM education, teacher education programs and professional development, and educational equity. He is married to his lovely wife, Lennise O’Dwyer.


Born and raised in St. Louis, Mo. Assata was brought up to learn and understand the concept of life. Assata learned from her mother to always stay committed on whatever it was she believed in, and to care for others. After graduating from a college prep Hs, then jumped into the healthcare field. Assata quickly found the joy and pleasure in helping others live a better life with assistance. Assata joined YVWA because she believed the vision and mission was like the beliefs she lived by. YVWA taught her the importance of working with youth and adults in the community. Assata always loved bettering her community, but after joining YVWA it helped her realize she had a much bigger purpose in life. Assata plans to further her career in health care and become a RN.


Chapel Haines 2nd oldest of 7 siblings who all views me as a role model, and I do my best to set the example of what a great man is supposed to look like in society. Graduated from Soldan in 2006 and attained a degree in Biology from UMSL in 2011. Currently works for St. Louis County as a chemist in the environmental lab, where I test milk, water, and air samples primarily for bacteria and various other testing. I’m a very hard worker, enthusiastic, and a stern passion for helping the community, especially the youth because they are our future.


I graduated for McCluer high school and I am a co-founder of the student empowerment organization, The Vision. I briefly worked in horticulture while studying for my associates in Accounting. Ima currently studying computer coding with Launch Code. I am also a self-taught graphic designer. As a Civic Ambassador my goal is to organize high school youth so they can advocate for themselves and each other.


Moved to West Palm Beach, FL USA When I was 16 years old where I lived with my mom, my three brothers and my sister, I graduated from Port Saint Lucie high school in Port Saint Lucie, FL. Where I played soccer and the Kicker on the Football team. I came to St. Louis 2012 for training to work for Amtrak a year later after I completed the training the Lord placed me at the great Harris Stowe State University with a soccer scholarship and join the greatest fraternity in the world Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. I graduated with B.S. In Information Science and Computer Technology. I’m a father 3 years old princess Kendrick and 2-month-old Donaldson Pierre Jr. I’m a Securities Operations Specialist at Wells Fargo Advisors. I’m the owner of Donny iPhone Fix founded in 2016. Fun facts about me I love to go to Reggae night.


Alicia Hamm is President of Montgomery & Co. LLC, an accounting and consulting firm. She has over ten years’ experience in a broad range of industries including non-profit, construction, financial audit, health care, retail, small business and manufacturing. She has worked with companies of all sizes from startup to international Fortune 500. Alicia is passionate about working with non-profit organizations and
helping those in need. She enjoys volunteering, being a voice for the voiceless, and expressing herself
creatively utilizing different forms of art.

Empowering the Youth of Tomorrow

Understanding Our Overall Goal

Our ongoing goal is to keep our overhead low while increasing our service in the field, and you truly make this possible! Young Voices with Action is stronger than ever due to our continually expanding community who comes together to donate time, resources, and talent in support of our important mission. This year alone we worked with 12 civic organizations, 6 churches, 3 school districts, as well as 2 festivals; our volunteers logged over 5,000 hours; our Board of Directors has helped us dramatically increase our donor base; and our Advisory Board has assisted us in expanding our hunger relief and youth empowerment programs. Thank you for wholeheartedly being a part of the Young Voices with Action movement. We are looking forward to much more in 2018 and beyond!