AUGUST 15, 2020

The fight against racism and all other forms of injustices starts with the black dollar. It also demands we leverage our professional connections and privileges in the name of advancing justice. We need to make sure that businesses and local professional organizers hear our demands and use their power to establish policy that advances justice within our community.

#BlackWallStreetSTL Festival, taking place on Saturday Augusr 15, 2020 from 11:00am to 6:00pm brings together individuals throughout the St. Louis area to celebrate community and is a catalysts for self-investment for communities plagued with injustices. Local businesses affected by COVID-19 and are limited due to civil unrest are provided a platform to promote their businesses, while providing diverse retail options and services to an underserved community.

With your participation, #BlackWallStreet314 will help boost the local economy by circulating our dollars, provide educational support services to youth and improve the quality of life for the neighborhood inhabitants.


Over 100+ businesses

Children’s Play Corner

Live Entertainment

Games & Prizes


Your support helps us make a better St. Louis. Sponsorship and vending opportunities are available.