What We Offer

Civic Education & Leadership Training

The Young, Black & Gifted Program provides students and young adults with enriched opportunities to realize their full potential that aide in their academic, personal and professional development. 

Volunteering is an essential component of a well-rounded and fulfilling life experience, and we would like to help you get involved and make a difference. Every year, Young Voices with Action initiates its Season of Service Program. The Season of Service Program is a voluntary program offering YVWA members, volunteers, and community stakeholders across the St. Louis region an opportunity to place themselves at the service of others. Individuals volunteer at selected dates and sites throughout the 2019 Young Voices with Action calendar year, as their schedules allow. The programs are organized by populations served and type of service.

The fight against racism and all other forms of injustices starts with the black dollar. It also demands we leverage our professional connections and privileges in the name of advancing justice. We need to make sure that businesses and local professional organizers hear our demands and use their power to establish policy that advances justice within our community.

#BlackWallStreetSTL Festival brings together individuals throughout the St. Louis area to celebrate community and is a catalyst for self-investment for communities plagued with injustices. Local businesses affected by COVID-19 and are limited due to economic and political injustices are provided a platform to promote their businesses, while providing diverse retail options and services to an underserved community.

With your participation, #BlackWallStreet314 will help boost the local economy by circulating our dollars, provide educational support services to youth and improve the quality of life for the neighborhood inhabitants.

“THE COME UP” is a business network where entrepreneurs meet others in their industry, meet people who can help grow their businesses, meet service providers, host job fairs, and attend entrepreneurial workshops. The series is open to community members who have desires to start and/or expand their businesses.

This series is comprised of six classes, with one class being held each week. Upon completion, participants will receive a certificate of completion and further business consultations. The program also will cover Business Plan Development 101, where participants will be able to create a business plan of their own and have it reviewed by business experts. It covers obtaining resources, Marketing (People, Processes, Procedures), Accessing Capital and Business Registration.

The homeownership curriculum features 12 complete financial education modules that provide valuable information to help you improve your credit, manage your money, and be a responsible homeowner. To get the most out of this curriculum, we recommend that you complete all 12 modules, in numerical order. Each module can generally be completed within 20-30 minutes. However, if you have a specific homeownership need, we have organized the modules into four financial education tracks.

Generational Wealth Building
Health & Wellness Training

The objectives of our Black Health Matters Seminar is to promote and encourage men of and women of color on the importance of exercising. 

This FREE event will consist of fitness and nutrition coaches providing planning and execution of a healthier life via:

• Living Healthy: Diet and Nutrition
• Living Fit: Obesity and Weight Control
• Living Responsible: Reducing your Cancer Risk
• Living Risk Free: Sexual Health
• Living Balanced: Spiritual and Mental Health

The Youth Ambassador Urban Farming Training Program is designed to provide new urban farmers in the St. Louis region the introductory knowledge and skills to start an urban farm. At the end of the program, it is expected that participants will be able to maintain and develop gardens, write a viable business plan, and have the information necessary to move forward with their urban farming goals.

Benefits include:

• Develop the basic knowledge of the hard skills involved in urban farming systems.
• Improve Access to Healthy Food
• Improve Economic Health
• Help revitalize a neighborhood
• Understand the financial and business tools needed to manage a profitable farm.

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